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G-CHEM Micro Silica Fume

A byproduct of making silicon metal or ferrosilicon alloys is Micro Silica Fume. One of the most important uses for silica fume is in concrete. It is an extremely reactive pozzolan due to its chemical and physical characteristics. Concrete made with Micro silica fume can be extremely strong and long-lasting. When specified, silica fume is readily available from suppliers of concrete admixtures and is simply added during the preparation of concrete. Concrete contractors must take extra care when placing, finishing, and curing silica fume concrete.


Product Details

Silicon dioxide, sometimes referred to as silica fume or micro silica fume, is silicon. It is an ultrafine powder that is gathered as a by-product of the manufacturing of silicon and ferrosilicon alloys. Its primary use is as a pozzolanic component in high-performance concrete.

Technical Specifications:

  • SiO2 – Silica : >90%
  • Color: Grey 


Micro Silica fume is an extremely effective pozzolanic substance due to its great fineness and high silica concentration. ASTM C1240 and EN 13263 are two common requirements for silica fume used in cementitious mixes. [9]

To enhance the qualities of cement concrete, particularly its compressive strength, bond strength, and abrasion resistance, silica fume is added. These enhancements occur from pozzolanic interactions between Micro silica fume and free calcium hydroxide in the paste as well as mechanical enhancements brought on by the addition of a very fine powder to the cement paste mixture.

Additionally, silica fume is added to concrete to reduce its permeability to chloride ions, which prevents corrosion of the concrete’s reinforcing steel, especially in chloride-rich environments like coastal areas, humid continental highways, and runways (due to the use of deicing salts), and saltwater bridges.

The impact of silica fume on various characteristics of newly-poured and hardened concrete includes:

a) Workability: Due to the injection of a significant surface area into the concrete mix by the addition of Micro silica fume, the slump loss over time is directly proportional to an increase in the silica fume concentration. Even when the slump lessens, the mixture is still very cohesive.

b) Segregation and bleeding:  Silica fume greatly lessens bleeding because the free water is used to wet the silica fume’s substantial surface area, which minimizes the amount of free water available for bleeding. Additionally, silica fume closes the pores in freshly laid concrete, preventing water from penetrating the surface.

Application Areas:

  • High-performance concrete
  • High strength, low permeability concrete
  • Industrial flooring
  • Water tanks and sumps
  • Chemical storage tanks
  • Basements and sewerage pipelines
  • Refractory mixes etc.
  • Petroleum Refineries
  • Tunnels

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