Micro Silica Concerete Types & Properties

Microsilica, conjointly referred to as oxide fume or condensed oxide fume, could be a mineral admixture composed of terribly fine solid glassy spheres of oxide. it’s typically found as a by-product within the industrial manufacture of ferrosilicon and gilded atomic number 14 in high-temperature arc furnaces.

Added thereto, Microsilica reduces the speed of suffusion and reduces permeableness to chloride. As a result, microsilica concrete is ready to powerfully defend reinforcement and embedments from aggressive agents

Types of Microsilica

Microsilica comes in 3 forms that are:

  • Powdered microsilica
  • Powdered microsilica
  • Slurry microsilica

Effects of Microsilica on Concrete

1. Effects on recent Concrete
It reduces segregation potentialities, thus it are often used as pumping aid.
It virtually eliminates hurt, consequently finishing work shall begin early.
Workability and consistency of concrete decreases.

2. Effects on Hardened Concrete
The addition of microsilica improves totally different aspects of hardened concrete that include:
Compressive strength, therefore flexural and durability area unit improved moreover.
Bond strength
Abrasion resistance
Reduces permeability; so, it helps in protective reinforcement steel from corrosion.
Impact and cavitations resistance.
Sulphate Resistance
Heat Reduction
Chemical Resistance

Properties of Microsilica

Microsilica could be a grey; nearly white to just about black powder.
Spherical particles but 1mm in diameter.
The bulk density of microsilica relies on the degree of concretion and varies from one hundred thirty to 600 kg/m3.
The specific gravity of microsilica ranges between two.2 to 2.3


Reduces thermal cracking caused by the warmth of cement association.
Improves sturdiness to attack by salt and acidic waters.
Reduces the first age temperature rise.
Silica fume is cheap; so, it’s cost-efficient.
It reduces the general block weight and
Addition of microsilica decreases efflorescence because of the refined pore structure and hyperbolic consumption of the hydroxide.

Silica Fume Waterproof Concrete

Silica Fume Waterproof Concrete
High Strength Concrete
Specifying for sturdiness
It is employed in elastomeric, polymer, refractory, ceramic and rubber applications.