Cement is a combination of elements, including silicon, calcium, iron and aluminium, blended with aggregates such as limestone, clay, shells and silica sand. This is then superheated and crushed to a fine powder. Cement is not used on its own; instead it functions to bind and cure concrete, mortar and grout mixes.

It’s not just by drying that cement gives its strength to these mixtures – a chemical reaction between the cement and water causes the material to cure and harden. (In fact, this is why it’s important to not let cement dry too quickly in hot weather, before the curing can be reached.)

General purpose cement is a straight Portland cement suitable for use in all types of construction. It’s commonly used for tiling, screeding and in commercial cement grouts.

Similarly, general builders cement can be used in place of all general purpose cement – its composition differs by blending fly ash or slag with the Portland cement. This blend affords it a better environmental footprint than general purpose cement.

At Auscon, we’re committed to quality and reliability, which is why our full range of cement products are designed, tested and manufactured in Australia, using ISO certified processes.

What is concrete?

Concrete could be a mixture of cement, sand, stone and water. It’s a flexible and sturdy construction material, usually used for foundations (concrete slabs), walls, stairs and driveways or methods. additional artistic – however even as sensible – uses embrace concrete bench topnotch and furnishings, moreover as art.

Concrete and cement square measure the foremost oft bewildered terms – it will facilitate to recollect that ‘cement is not meant to be utilized by itself’.

What is cement grout?

Also referred to as cementinous grout, this can be another combination of cement and water. It’s used as a layer between or around concrete and structures to equally disperse the load of the structure to the concrete. It’s usually applied to bases, bearing plates and steel frames.

Unlike concrete, this formulation isn’t meant because the main ‘building block’, however rather a layer that works in conjunction with the inspiration. need to visualize this in action? Take a glance at our video and article on How to Grout Tilt-Up Panels mistreatment Auscon GP fifty Non-Shrink Grout.

What is mortar?

Mortar could be a mix of cement, caustic lime (also referred to as HYLime or Marvelime) and fine sands, that cure to act like Associate in Nursing adhesive between brick and stone. caustic lime improves the mortar’s bonding strength and workability. progressively, innovative artificial limes square measure commutation caustic lime in mortars to enhance the environmental impact of this product.

Auscon formulates innovative high-quality cement combine solutions that square measure straightforward to organize and use – merely add water. This creates additional consistent results and fewer time activity.